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the treasures and
traditions of the
Locarnese National Park


In the Locarnese National Park’s region, man has always
been living with a wild nature.
Lying on sunny terraces, surrounded by thick forests,
you will fi nd ancient villages where people still live and
work today. The Park invites you to discover these
people, their traditional activities and the treasures of
their territory, some of them quite surprising such as the
only tea plantation in Switzerland on Monte Verità, the
wide terraces in Loco, the pre-Roman energetic places
and the maze of tunnels of the fortifi cation hidden in the
mountain in Ponte Brolla. Expert guides and local artisans
will let you discover the Park’s hidden treasures.

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the wild nature
of the Locarnese
National Park

By leaving the crowded Lake Maggiore shores, you get
into a wild territory characterized by deep gorges, impetuous
rivers and thick forests. The feeling is of going
back to primordial times, when man hadn’t settled in
these valleys yet. Here, in the heart of Europe, stressed
visitors will fi nd themselves at a far end of the world and
they will forget the noise of civilization. In the past, this
region was heavily populated and the careful visitor will
fi nd the evidence of an ancient alpine civilization everywhere,
hidden in the green. Expert guides and more than
400 km of trails will let you discover and explore this
exceptional territory.

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